March 7, 2024

Austin Power Day

At Meeker Elementary, Mrs. Prochaska’s kindergarten class came together to celebrate a significant milestone in the life of one of their classmates. Austin Clark had his final chemotherapy session on March 1.

“When I was done with chemo, I got really excited,” Austin said.

The journey for Austin has seen the unwavering support of his family, friends, and community. Despite his challenges, Austin has shown remarkable strength and determination beyond his years.

Mrs. Prochaska’s kindergarten class organized a special celebration to honor this milestone and show their support for their brave classmate.

The celebration occurred in Meeker’s gymnasium, which transformed into a perfect venue. With basketball hoops lowered and scooters available to ride or to hook together like trains, his peers were ready to celebrate his journey.

As Austin entered the gym with his family, he joined his classmates at center court, to which they celebrated him with three “Hip, hip, hooray – it’s Austin Power Day” cheers who have been eagerly awaiting this moment. On the left side of the gym stood a beautifully decorated teal and orange cake adorned with the words “Austin Power.”

“We’re here to celebrate the completion of a very long journey with great things ahead of us,” Austin’s father, Matthew, said. “It was really great to be able to celebrate with his classmates and those who have provided a lot of support over the past year.”

“It was really awesome to see Austin and his friends get together and cheer for him to celebrate him and his accomplishment,” his mother Julie adds. “We’re super stoked.”

As the kindergarteners return to class, perhaps to play rock-paper-scissors, they do so with their beloved classmate.